Creating contextual relevance.

Being authentic – personalizing the buying experience.

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The case for using contextual relevance to relate to your buyer is pretty simple – it’s effective. Technology and varied experiences have created a more confident business buyer. Which means they know what they want. And their BS meter is on high alert. So authenticate and know thy buyer.

Contextual Relevance

Communicating ideas, concepts, products and / or services in the context of what is relevant to the buyer’s business needs and / or wants.

Aha! Moments

Moments of sudden insight a person has related to a product or solution that can solve a specific need or set of needs.

Defining Moments

A series of experiences created from Aha! Moments that leads someone closer
to a buying decision.

Buying Decision

Through contextual relevance, ongoing education, a set of Aha! and Defining Moments, business buyers feel equipped to make buying decisions

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