5Characteristics of Successful
Global Remuneration Professionals

And the positive impact they have on the organization.


Total rewards professionals are playing a greater role in an employment environment that has undergone dramatic changes. To continue to compete, organizations rely on forward-thinkers to match employment and rewards strategies to their business goals...

1. Strategic: Excels in developing total reward strategies for complex multi-national companies.

Organizations count on rewards as a competitive advantage – effectively attract and retain your company's top performers and grow profits.

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Only 20% of organizations integrate their compensation and benefit strategies as part of their overall Total Rewards Strategy.1

2. Technology proficient: Committed to using technology as a way to improve outcomes.

Technology touches every aspect of business. It's not just how business gets done, it's an integral part in developing new and outstanding comp strategies.

High-performing talent and acquisition teams are 6x more likely to engage in data-driven decision-making compared with low-performing teams.2

3. Culturally aware: Understands that workforce experience is an important part of attraction and retention.

Competing on a global scale means understanding what's important to employees – as is being able to integrate those needs within rewards programs.

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In a worldwide survey by Statista, 64% of workers view work-life balance as an important priority for choosing a job.3

4. Expert communicator: Knows the value of effectively communicating total rewards strategies.

Effective communication skills are an essential aspect of the compensation world – in both an interpersonal and organizational role.


Employee understanding of compensation philosophy is directly tied to their perceptions of reward and pay fairness.4

5. Insightful experience: Considers internal and external influences in designing global rewards.

A highly sought after skill is the ability to create a structure that can mesh organizational goals with employee needs, while considering overall market influences.

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Global employee engagement is down 2 pts from 2016 with 24% of all employees being Highly Engaged and 39% Moderately Engaged.5

As a Global Remuneration Professional, you will have proven yourself as a highly-motivated individual who stands above the rest and wants to make a difference. As a trusted resource, you'll have the skills critical to design and manage programs that will attract, motivate and retain top talent.

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