XCM Corporate Solutions
Workflow Solutions for Corporate Tax, Accounting and Finance Professionals.
  • Productivity matters most when you have fewer resources and an increasing workload.
  • Productivity matters most when you have fewer resources and an increasing workload.
  • Visibility allows you to manage the bigger picture with a little less stress.
  • More control of your projects means more time for things other than work.
XCM Corporate Solutions provides an unprecedented consultative approach to increasing productivity through a business process and workflow platform.
XCM believes that increased productivity is readily achievable through workflow technology. Increased visibility, control, flexibility and accountability are the biproducts of having the right business process and workflow platform throughout your organization. XCM provides a customized analysis and configuration for ease of use and accelerated time to production, so you can focus on your business.
Rethinking Workflow Infographic
Rethinking Workflow: 4 Keys to Increased Productivity
Infographic – 5 minute read
This quick-read infographic looks at the 4 quads of productivity enablement.
Rethinking Workflow Infographic
NEW! Workflow vs. Excel Spreadsheets
Infographic – 6 minute read
A side-by-side look at the differences between technologies to help you find which is right for you.
Jamestown Case Study
NEW! Tax Team Avoids Crisis with Strategic Workflow Platform
Case Study – 9 minute read
This is a detailed look at one company’s experience implementing a workflow system when they needed it most.
XCM Productivity Quad
Productivity Enablement chart
Productivity Enablement: An effective workflow solution for corporate tax, accounting and finance departments should facilitate task completion, project management and schedule adherence – as well as provide a three-dimensional view of corporate procedures and accountability within and across departments.
Visibility: Having a clear view provides the insight needed to make resource adjustments or changes.
Control: Empowerment to identify departmental bottlenecks, implement process efficiencies, and deliver quality results.
Flexibility: The leverage to enact continuous process improvements while increasing efficiency.
Accountability: A real-time "single source" of the truth for every assignment, status, task and deadline.
XCM Corporate Solutions is a division of XCM Solutions, the world's leading accounting and finance workflow platform. XCM Corporate Solutions works with your existing technology systems to coordinate tasks between people and departments, with the ultimate goal of improving organizational efficiency in a paperless environment.
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