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Gain’s eye on>content. Maximize your content’s value.

Content fuels the B2B buyer’s journey. It provides the opportunity to educate and create a more informed buyer. Its influence of the buying process is undeniable, making it critical that your content works hard and separates you from all other providers.

eye on>content is our process of analyzing your content assets and content marketing efforts. This three-step process is simple and easy to get started.

1. Send us your content

Gather your content assets and complete the simple eye on>content worksheet.

2. We’ll do a thorough review.

We’ll review and assess your content and provide recommendations.

3. We deliver a custom playbook

We’ll walk you through your custom eye on>content playbook.

  • What you get…
  • What you do…
  • What it costs…

We’ll have a quick call to discuss the content you’ve provided, ask questions and get the process started. After a thorough analysis of your content, you’ll receive your eye on>content playbook that includes the following:

  • Observations on the content assets you provided
  • A detailed analysis with recommendations on how to enhance your existing content asset offering
  • Recommendations for filling any content gaps
  • Direction on how to repurpose current content to broaden your library
  • A view of how your content assets align with your buyer’s journey and sales funnel, along with our recommendations on strategic direction for your content
  • A call to walk you through our findings and answer any questions you may have about your eye on>content playbook


  • Download and complete the worksheet to get things started
  • Pull together 7 content assets you are currently using in market that represent what you want to communicate to prospective buyers
  • Email your completed worksheet, 7 content assets and contact information to James at james.sweeney@hellogain.com
  • Look for a confirmation email as a receipt of your worksheet and assets
  • Once we receive your information we’ll get to work and have your eye on>content playbook to you within 4 weeks



A thorough review and analysis that includes:

  • A fresh perspective on your content assets from B2B marketing experts and step-by-step recommendations on how to improve them
  • The customized, easy-to-implement eye on>content playbook that will help you make the most of your content assets and advise you on your next steps
  • A call to walk you through your eye on>content playbook and answer any questions you may have about the deliverable, our approach or our recommendations


Have questions before getting the process started? Email James at james.sweeney@hellogain.com or contact him on LinkedIn. He’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about eye on>content, the playbook or getting the process started.