Changing perceptions increases new interest call volume by 146%.


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A large super-regional telecommunications company needed to grow monthly net new SMB acquisition by increasing call center call volume and call quality. To do so, we knew we’d have to change perceptions of the client’s small business solutions by increasing relevance in the positioning of their products and solutions to more effectively resonate with the small business community and enter their consideration set.

Buyer Insights

Our process starts with information and in this case, it came in the form of customer data and research. Our goal was to better identify with the small business owner’s entrepreneurial spirit, their daily challenges and how they used Internet and phone service. Ultimately, we wanted to know what their perception of our client was as a service provider.

Strategic Planning

Armed with new insights, we rethought our approach. We developed a new messaging hierarchy that focused on what was important to the small business owner and used rotating appeals to address both business and personal needs of small business owners.

Communication Design

We then developed a flexible design system to accommodate the core message and the various appeals across all channels – mail, email, search, display, .com and appeal-specific landing pages. We provided a new, consumer-focused point‑of‑view, educated the audience to increase their understanding of the benefits of our client’s products and services, giving them the confidence to pick up the phone to cal and learn more.


We managed the year-long campaign and fluid nature of the client feedback loop in order to make updates and edits to the messaging and campaign components in a timely manner. We managed the process, schedules, vendors and all of the other moving parts of the campaign to support our client’s three-person marketing team.


During the first eight months of the revamped campaign, SMB acquisition call center call volume increased 146%. Quality of calls and close rates also increased during the same period.

Marketing tools: Lead Gen, communication and creative strategies. Communication Design includes mail and email stream, micro-site with data collection, display, SEM, PPC and .com banner support.

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