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A large regional telecommunications company needed to grow their residential internet subscriber base through improved acquisition performance. The goal of our engagement was to increase response through a refreshed, modernized positioning. The brand, which served the area for years, was thought of as part of the community, but sometimes perceived as not being as technologically advanced as the newer providers. New messaging had to resonate with the local culture, communicate the enhancements, and encourage the audience to take action.

Buyer Insights

We started with geographic, demographic and media consumption research of consumers in the service area. Our research found the audience was practical, outdoorsy, resourceful and community-focused. We created several messaging appeals to test within the market based on the characteristics we discovered. Our goal was to highlight the benefits of the service in terms of how it supports people’s daily activities.

Strategic Planning

With a clearer understanding of our audience, how they engaged media and their interests, we developed the campaign concept and planned our outreach. We devised a multi-touch campaign that reinforced the messaging across several channels including direct mail and digital. We designed landing pages to provide additional information and allowed customers to respond by phone, email or online form.

Communication Design

Knowing who we were talking to and what appealed to them, we were able to develop a messaging platform that was practical as well as emotional. We gave familiar phrases new meaning and combined them with bold imagery to garner attention in a comfortable and familiar way. We focused on the benefits of the service from the standpoint of the consumer and highlighted those benefits through different graphics, typography and channels. We reinforced that the technology offered by the client was state-of-the-art and educated audiences on the value the service can bring to their daily lives.


We managed the year-long, multi-touch campaign and improved through learning along the way. We designed and rotated the messaging according to seasons, local events and holidays.


We saw a 116% increase in call volume in the first eight months of the campaign.

Marketing tools: Acquisition marketing, research, communication and creative strategies. Communication Design includes concept development and positioning, mail, search, display advertising, .com banners and landing pages with data collection.

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