“Their Story”drives 18% increase in order rate and 15% lower CPO


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Research. Relate. Resonate.


We were tasked with further driving new sales acquisitions while keeping the Cost Per Order (CPO) down.

Business Need

We needed to create awareness for LifeLock’s offering, educate people on identity theft protection and convert engagement into sales. To do so, we developed creative challengers to test against the Champion.


To create meaningful engagement, we went to school on the target audiences to better understand how their interests, opinions and attitudes (IOA) influenced their buying behavior. Next, we developed three different positionings that related to their daily activities. We then used real life stories to educate them in meaningful, relevant ways and encouraged them to take advantage of a savings offer.


Success was measured using two metrics: order rate and CPO. Our “Their Story” positioning outperformed the Champion in both categories: order rate = 18% higher, CPO = 15% lower.


Consumers, regardless of how they are grouped, can be a finicky bunch and drive the way they want to be marketed to. If we don’t understand them and their IOAs, our efforts will lack relevance and context. That relevance could be the difference between a successful campaign and one that falls short of the business’s needs.

Marketing tools: Acquisition, communication and creative strategies. Communication Design included concept creation and execution for mail using direct marketing best practices.

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