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WorldatWork, a leading nonprofit association for compensation and total rewards professionals, wanted to elevate the positioning of their two flagship certifications – Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and Global Renumeration Professional (GRP). In addition, they wanted to create a clearer distinction between the two certifications, giving each their own identity. The goal was to increase certificate class registration and revenue, as well as strengthen the overall WorldatWork brand.

Buyer Insights

We took a three-pronged approach to gathering information on members and customers. First, we asked the client to provide information on both audiences, including demographics, firmographics, certification penetration (by market), and customer feedback. Next, we conducted phone interviews with faculty, local networks and resellers from around the globe. Then we arranged to have phone interviews with both certification holders and those professionals who were taking courses to become certified.

Strategic Planning

We compiled, analyzed and organized the information gathered and identified various audience segments. Focusing on two primary segments, we built ideal buyer profiles and personas to assist with the development of two respective positionings, targeting and messaging. That included how to counter our audiences’ inherent status quo bias.

Communication Design

With the newly developed CCP and GRP positionings, we created the messaging platform, campaign communication concept and design system for each. We used the insights to develop messaging appeals for both member and prospect communications which included email, campaign landing pages, multiple content assets, as well as LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMail.


Managing the logistics for development and implementation of one positioning and campaign to support it is complex. When the effort is doubled, it can become complex and confusing. We were able to help the WorldatWork team navigate the numerous deliverables, timelines, manage version control and stick to their schedule to successfully launch the campaign in early 2019.


The client was “amazed” by our ability to create such vast differentiation in the two positionings. The campaign launched in early 2019 and early results show that the audiences responded very favorably to the new positionings. Campaign results yielded an average email click thru rate of 31.4% for CCP and 9.9% for GRP. CCP InMail delivered an average click thru rate of 56.33% and GRP 66.74%. New accounts totaled just under 50, guide requests total just under 200.

Marketing tools: Demand Gen, qualitative and quantitative research, communication, content and creative strategies. Communication Design includes email, landing pages, content creation and LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMail.

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