The new “Your Choice” positioning delivers increases in response rate, net app rate and net sales rate.


Revisit. Re-imagine. Educate.


We’d been a go-to resource for Humana when they wanted to try modern and different approaches for launching new products and refreshing the presentation of established products. The following offers an example of how we approached Humana’s direct marketing challenges, with an eye toward the audience’s decision-making process.

Business Need

Clearly communicate the variety of dental products HumanaOne offers so people are better informed of their options. Direct people to call or go online to enroll in a HumanaOne dental plan.


In order to create appeal, no matter their lifestage, we researched each potential audience to develop messaging that would resonate most with their variety of needs. Knowing we were communicating at the early, information gathering stages of their search, we wanted to make sure to provide information that would be helpful in the context of their respective lives and cause them to act without overwhelming them.


The client was very happy with the results (as were we). We outperformed the champion communication in all three success metrics: Response rate: 10% increase, Net app rate: 100% increase, Net sales rate: 300% increase.


We were asked to create a new challenger communication to take on the current control – which we developed two years prior. So, in a way, we were trying to beat ourselves. We stuck with our proven strategic process for developing the creative strategy and communication concepts.

With a people-first approach, we developed communications that would motivate them to take the next step in the purchasing life-cycle and then applied those tactics to a broader target base. Research provided us with the information to assist in the thought development that made this effort a success.

Marketing tools: Acquisition, communication and creative strategies. Communication Design included concept creation and execution for mail using direct marketing best practices and print advertising.

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